Participating Departments


Art History


The Department of Classics focuses on the ancient Greeks and Romans, two cultures whose influence extended into all corners of the Mediterranean world. Introductory courses include Classical Literature, Classical Mythology, and Ancient Cities & Urban Cultures as well as elementary language courses in Latin and ancient Greek. Advanced civilization courses (e.g. Ancient Warfare, Classical Drama, Ancient Medicine, Bronze Age Archaeology, and Greek & Roman Religion) use archaeological and art historical materials as well as literary, historical, and philosophical texts to provide a broad perspective on life and culture in the Mediterranean. The Classics Department also offers reading courses in Greek and Latin that study such major authors as Homer, Plato, Sophocles, Vergil, Ovid, and Cicero within their cultural context.


Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies


The Department of Philosophy is committed to teaching students about the origins of Western philosophy in the ancient Mediterranean world. Courses include Philosophy 200, a regularly offered broad-based survey of the history of Ancient and Medieval philosophy (mostly Ancient); Philosophy 400, a repeatable topics course in Ancient Greek Philosophy; and Phil 510 and 511, graduate seminars on Plato and Aristotle, respectively, that are open—with the instructor’s permission—to advanced undergraduates.