Student Spotlight


Max Faass ’19 (Chemistry & Ancient Mediterranean Studies Double Major)

Max grew up steeped in the sciences, but one semester a scheduling conflict led her to take a class with Dr. William Gilders in the Department of Religion. Upon his recommendation to look into the Ancient Mediterranean Studies program, she soon decided to pursue a double major. She is enthusiastic about the idea of studying the past and working to shed light on history that has gone hitherto unknown to the present day. She also takes great pleasure in deploying her Biblical Hebrew, and has been known to sight-read inscriptions in class.

Max particularly enjoys archaeology, and has been on several digs in Israel. She also interns at the Carlos Museum, where she has helped to reinstall the Near Eastern Collection, and is currently analyzing residue found in some of the museum’s ancient fragrance vessels. In addition, Max is working to develop an educational outreach program that teaches 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders about the ancient Levantine area, as well as the connection between the museum’s Near Eastern collection and Biblical literature. She plans to apply to graduate programs in chemical biology, archaeology, and mediterranean studies. One potential career path that she sees for herself is to work as a chemist in archaeological or art historical contexts.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Max is a student athlete on the Women’s Softball team.