Student Spotlight

Grace Swaim EC '18 (AMS minor, Biology major) 

“I love AMS because I am able to integrate diverse interests in religion, history, and classics in a curriculum that I have been largely free to craft myself!”

Leah Neiman

Meet Leah Neiman, our new major in Ancient Mediterranean Studies! Leah, a freshman from Port Jefferson NY, is currently a student in Gay Robins' Egyptian Hieroglyphics course and is also studying Greek with Louise Pratt (as well as Chemistry, Calculus, and Anthropology). Leah plans to join Eric Varner for this year's Art History Summer Study Abroad in Rome.


student spotlight-faith huh

Faith Huh

The reason why I love my major (AMS and History) is the flexibility. I can shape it to fit my personal interests and thus pursue a more specific topic for future studies rather than just overall general knowledge. My major has also opened doors to study abroad and given me the opportunity to participate in excavations with Emory professors. The fact that I am not limited to studying the religion or philosophy or anthropology of a culture, but am able to incorporate all of these fields into my study if I so wish adds to the charm of AMS.


student spotlight-michael vanginkel
Michael Van Ginkel

The AMS major is interdisciplinary by nature, including courses on Egypt, Rome, Greece, and the Near East. Consequently, the program allows students to tailor their undergraduate studies toward personal interests. In addition, with courses instructed by faculty from seven different departments, the program also provides a variety of subjects to choose from. Lastly, the passion the AMS professors show toward the material they teach remains a constant source of inspiration and motivation.


student spotlight-hannah smagh
Hannah Smagh

I am senior with a double major in Ancient Mediterranean Studies and Anthropology. My coursework and research has mostly been focused upon Classical and Hellenistic Greece. I work on the Samothrace excavation, which has included the restoration of the Winged Victory in the Louvre Museum and independent research. I was also part of the Emory Parthenon Project. I have always wanted to be an archaeologist and I love the Ancient Mediterranean Studies program at Emory because it is very flexible and allows me to target my particular interests, especially archaeology and material culture. I recently spent some time abroad at the Institute of Archaeology of University College London and this experience has given me a more technical knowledge and understanding of archaeology that complements my interests at Emory.